Water Tank Leakage

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Why and when you need a water tank leakage repair?

With the passage of time, your water tanks get lesser resistant to cracks due to the high pressure developed from the height of water level head above. Tanks can develop micro-cracks in their bodies which may propagate leading to major cracks that allow the water to leak pass through. Tanks made up of concrete are the foremost to water tank leakage. Often these concrete water tanks are the least maintained and people notice the leakage when it comes to an unacceptable level and is damaging their superstructure. Roofs, terraces, walls and the associated water drainage system starts deteriorating with the constant moisture exposure. You may even feel at this point you should abandon the water tank and acquire a new alternative. But not until you discover an effective water tank leakage solution.

Major and minor water tanks leakages

A major water tank leakage is marked by a continuous flow of water from the water tanks which may end up emptying the tank in hours or even minutes. These major leakages are a source of deterioration as well as the water reserve losses. Whereas minor water tank leakages happen to cause moisture around the tank boundaries or walls (in case of cement tanks).

How we provide water tank leakage solution

Water tank leakage repairs are conducted with the help of chemicals that form a resistant coating on the inner line of your water tanks. This must be done from a chemical that is totally inert, yet strong enough to withstand high water pressure from above. Major water tank leakages are repaired from outside the tanks with the help of our strong grouting chemical. These fill in the cracks to hinder water flowing outside. Afterwards, an inner lining chemical is applied to fill the micro cracks as their existence is predictable in case of aged tanks.

Drinking water tanks

Masterseal chemicals are also for people having leakage trouble in their commercial or residential drinking water tanks. These tanks are often made up of polyethene. Their leakage is repaired by our health safety assured formula of thermoplastic polyolefin. This chemical combines the plastic water tank and forms a membrane to block the leakage.

Repair that saves you thousands!

Our product ensures heavy grade protection and resistant to water damages to civil structures and prolongs their life considerably. Probably you were forced before to spend on a new structure that would still be prone to water leakage and damages. Here comes our assurance to give you the peace of mind for years with no fear of deterioration anymore.