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Masterseal chemicals is a pioneer waterproofing sealant company delivering satisfaction and trust with all its services. At Masterseal chemicals, the quest to achieve the highest standards continues. With persistent R&D in maintaining our quality and repute, our mission doesn’t stop anywhere near. The company works on providing the best possible formula of chemicals that would suit the climatic condition of Pakistan. Here summers bring immense amount of heat and winters are surprisingly very cold. The harsh atmospheric conditions cause rapid weathering of buildings and structures all around the country.

Our premier services and products

Waterproofing sealants, leakage repair sealants, fissure and crack repair chemicals, heat-reflecting paints are all our best-selling products. These products are provided with a minimum 2 years of guarantee to protect your costly buildings. The chemicals we use in our products are a blend of materials strictly tested to provide best performance. Two major sources our products primarily deal with is water and heat;

Water finds its path with the least area of strength. Minor cracks and porous concrete allow seepage that damages paint and cement cover of walls. Major cracks develop to permit water leakage at larger volumes. This water gradually enters other structural members as well and do a great deal of damage.

Heat is a great source of energy but a source of pollution where it is unwanted. Primary targets are your roofs and water tanks. The heat can accumulate up to a hefty amount of temperature causing hotter environment inside buildings and homes. Hot water from taps in summer also results from the same reason.

Masterseal chemical sealants and heatproofing paints protect you from these problems and lead a comfortable life without worrying the harsh temperatures.

Waterproofing roofs, bathrooms and basements are a major concern of Pakistani residents. Basement waterproofing is still an issue for a smaller chunk of population since not many do have basements yet. But hot roofs and leaking roofs is a problem for many. Alarmingly, many people leave this problem till they observe settlement or large cracks in roofs that are caused due to persistent water leakage into the beam reinforcements rusting them to loosening strength. A timely decision to protect your roofs and basements saves you from heavy losses in future.

You may find plenty of chemicals in the market, but our company provides product and its service along so that you have the maximum benefit with the right procedure done. Call at any of our phone numbers and our team will guide you on what to do next in case of any kind of leakages and seepage problems. You would find us with the best waterproofing service at your doorstep without any efforts. Find our other services from the menu bar above.