Heat Reflective Paint for Water Tanks

Heat Reflective Paint for Water Tanks | Water tank insulation Pakistan

Hot water in tanks; A big problem in summers

Your water tank is probably exposed to direct sunlight on the rooftop and the water coming from it to your taps is as hot as coming from geysers in winter. In fact, who wants hot water in summers? Many people are in search of effective water tank insulation in Pakistan. Many advise you to get a cover over the tank. But a cement tank or a large tank is probably an awkward or expensive solution.

Your biggest culprit in absorbing the heat in summers in dark colour. In summers, your roof and other structures in dark colour absorb high energy wavelengths, hence its temperature rises. The structure henceforth warms up the water inside the water tanks. The water inside can get up to temperatures of 70°C. This hot water is difficult to bear in sanitary use.

How our service reduces the water temperature in water tanks?

The simplest and effective solution to this problem is to eliminate the dark colours from your water tank surface. Masterseal chemicals provide high-grade heat reflective paint for water tanks in Pakistan to overcome the heat spells in summers. A premium effective solution to reflect away sunlight that raises the structure temperatures. Water tank insulation in Pakistan is a common and attested way to get rid of hot water troubles in summers.

Nano-engineered Chemical Formula

Our proven chemical formula provides you by far with the best in market coating technology. Our service helps you to attain dual benefits from single investment; Heat shielding and weather corrosion shielding. Both problems arise with a single reason i.e. harsh environment and high temperatures. You don’t need strict pre-requisites to have us your service done. Easy to apply heat reflective paint for water tanks is a matter of hours and your tanks are ready to withstand high temperatures already.

5 to 10 years of protection against heat and weathering

Your investment in protection must have enough life to pay-off you in years. With rising severity in weather conditions of Pakistan, there must be a safeguard that stays with you for a considerable amount of time. Our heat reflective paint for water tanks gives you the ultimate protection against heat and weathering for 5 to 10 years.

Worth you can realise in performance

  • A substantial decrease in water temperatures
  • Water feels cool even in 45 – 50°C Temperatures
  • Decrease in Weathering and corrosion of tanks walls
  • Clean and a good aesthetic look to water tanks
  • No more spending on costly insulation jackets