Expansion Joint

Expansion joint

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Common malpractice to fill the expansion joints in concrete with cement mortar brings many problems to buildings and other civil structures. These include water leakages and quick erosion of mortar which not even last months. Cement mortar mixture is poor material to be placed where flexibility is required. It bears compression excellently but cannot withstand tension for long. As a result, cracks develop in places where it poured as a sealant and the paint starts to show deterioration.

What is an Expansion Joint Filler?

An expansion joint filler or an expansion joint sealant is a chemical compound which is formulated keeping in mind the process of regular expansion and contraction. This concrete expansion joint filler material is a durable sealant which can carry high flexibility properties and stops leakages bringing nice aesthetic look at the same time. Masterseal Expansion Joint filler provides you wide range of applications and substrate that can be filled with. Being the best expansion joint filler material, you can trust it to seal your expansion joints for up to 5 years of duration.

Typical expansion joints

A typical expansion joint can be of 2 – 5 cm in width. An upper threshold is 30cm which in most cases is used in larger applications such as asphalt pavement or gap between walls of two building structures.

Our service procedure

Our service team brings you the best practice to fill up the gaps. Upon your order request, we estimate your quantity of application for the concrete gap filler. Following this, our team cleans up the place for any existing gravels, stones or fine material from the gap. The material is then poured into expansion joint up to 20cm of depth. This is to ensure the expansion joint filler last longer and gets a stronger grip to the substrate along.

Applications of expansion joint filler

Masterseal chemicals are your one choice for all types of sealants, waterproofing chemicals and heatproofing paints. We can deliver concrete expansion joint filler material, asphalt expansion joint filler material, plastic and other substrate sealants at any quantity your project demands. You are welcome for a quick call to discuss your demands of various applications.