Bathroom Leakage/ Seepage

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Bathroom leakage a result of damp conditions

A place where water runs all day is highly exposed to corrosion and damages. This is because moisture, air (oxygen) speed up the corrosive action and rusting action of metal pipes etc. Joints are prone to getting loose as a result of continuous high-water pressure. Even at low pressures such as drains, the chemicals present inside such as acid, urea and gases decomposing from bacterial action, cause corrosion of many materials.

The root cause of leakages and seepages

Just like everywhere, homes and offices face a severe problem of seepage in walls and ceilings along with bathrooms and water pipes. And many people are left with no option in their minds of how to overcome the problems. Inferior quality products do show you some signs of leakage repair, but for not so long. The chemicals themselves start deteriorating and then you may even see a faster leakage/seepage action afterwards.

Water is the biggest enemy of civil engineering structures. And in many cases, engineers have failed to cope up with the seepage problems. Caused due to the result of pressure action of moisture coming from sources such as pipe damages and joint leakages.

Bathroom Seepage Solution

Our Bathroom seepage solution is to stop the seepage from micro-cracks developed inside walls and ceiling that are allowing moisture and water to pass through. By filling in these micro-cracks, you have the peace of mind that water either stays on the floor of your bathroom or flows away into the drains. The procedure thus called grouting is done through Masterseal International standards grouting chemical. Tested through strict measures, the chemical won’t corrode away or allow leakage from your bathrooms for years.

Bathroom Leakage Treatment through micro-crack filling

Cement, Plaster of Paris and other filling materials have almost zero tolerability to consistent water exposure. They wash away gradually if not treated with suitable chemicals to enhance their strength against water. These gaps if originate at a larger size will even allow water flow through ceilings drop after drop; stopping you from using your bathrooms that are located at higher level floors. If the cracks develop at a larger area, our service team will recommend and carry out the repair procedure first, followed by microcrack filling.

100% satisfaction and performance guarantee

We spread out the sealant chemical throughout all the possible gaps and damaged area. The material has a certain viscosity that will only fill the material and not flow pass through. This gives you a 100% crack fill assurance. Our service standard is meant to achieve the most of customer trust and loyalty. For all types of bathroom leakage treatment, bathroom seepage solution, and leakage repair, Masterseal would be your reliable choice forever.