Basement Leakage

Basement leak repair | Waterproofing basement walls | Foundation sealer

With your great home comes a great responsibility to protect it from internal and external damages. And one sneaky place you probably don’t examine every day is your basement. Basements bring numerous benefits to a house structure; huge storage capacity and cool place to stay in summers.

Old basements usually start to show signs of seepage and water leakages through walls and floors into your basement. You probably take it as a routine matter, but this is one thing that requires your attention and you need to worry about the basement leak repairs.

Civil structural engineers have fought with hydrology from a long time and today modern problems here require modern solutions. This is where you would find Masterseal chemicals the best modern choice of solution.

Forms of Basement leak repairs we provide

While it may not be a brilliant idea to perform a DIY fix to basement leak repair if you are experiencing it the first time. The perfect fix is always done the first time with a material strong enough to withstand for 5 to 6 years. Our formula protects cracks developed in the floors due to high hydrostatic pressure. Not only this pressure effects basement floors, waterproofing basement walls become as much necessary as you can think once water table has risen below safe levels.

Foundation is the starting unit of your building and any effect to its strength can cause serious issues to the whole building. Basement also acts as part of your building foundation hence any threat to it is not acceptable. Hence our service for basement waterproofing includes every possible area of leakage;

  • Basement Floor Crack Repair
  • Cove joint seepage
  • Foundation wall leakage repair (basement wall exterior waterproofing)
  • Permeable Concrete foundation members

Masterseal foundation sealant

Foundation sealant is the best solution for all type of cracks (micro-cracks and major cracks). Major cracks inside non-structural walls (partition walls) also let a tremendous amount of water enter your basement and ruin the strength of foundation over the period. Sometimes the damage extends to a level, there is a chance that your load-bearing foundation members start to show signs of fatigue and failure. Masterseal provides you peace of mind with a small amount of investment and safeguards your foundations to support the integrity of your lovely home.

The best basement waterproofing agent

You can trust imported waterproofing agents because they are gone through strict quality checks. That’s why Masterseal Chemicals has brought you a quality ensured product which can be trusted to protect your investment for years.